Most of our wood products are available with FSC certification:

These products form our aesthetic passion for their natural beauty and use of sustainable materials.  Only with wood can true customization be realized in shapes and functions.  We believe that all of our clients should consider wood fenestration products, even for multi-family structures.  There are choices available that defy the belief that wood windows and doors are only for the wealthy.  We are willing to work to make this a reality for those who truly see the art and tradition in these products.

EuroClime believes that our wood offering is the broadest in the market. Wood fenestration products are generally offered in Pine, Spruce, Larch, Meranti, and Oak, though several other wood varieties can be obtained, including beech, ash, maple, sapelle, walnut, and even eucalyptus. Most wood products have an option to be fully cladded (where the cladding is over the full wood profile), or, more popularly, hybrid cladded (where the cladding substitutes for the other layer of wood with the glazing unit held on the exterior by the aluminum cladding). In addition to the standard catalog offering, EuroClime offers full custom wood fabrication services for all manners of windows and doors, including specialty shapes, traditional weighted single-double hung units, historical reproductions, church windows, or any other design requirement.

Our Wood windows should generally be thought of in the following way to help direct our clients to a particular model suited for their needs: Klassik-Wood 68:  Exceeds Building Code ;  Futur-Wood 78:  High-Performance ;  Termo-Wood 88:  Passive for Most ; TermoPlus-Wood 92: Deluxe Passiv ;  Ultimat-Wood 105:  Ultra Passive Clad.

Wood Windows