Bi-Fold Double

Custom Wood Shutters

Triple-Panel Unit: Bi-Fold Double with Single-Sided

The historical relevance of wood shutters is still clearly evident in all of the mock shutters being used in certain architectural styles, especially Cape Cod, Mediterranean and other traditional European styles.  We ask why use faux shutters when you can have real ones?  EuroClime and Geisler European Windows are hoping to revive the lost practice of using a highly stylish and functional sun control and ventilation technique.  We offer wood shutters in two basic movement variants:  single-swing and bi-fold.  In addition, there are numerous options such as louverable slats, canting slats, and dual-section slats, as well as full custom shutter panel fabrication subject to the imagination of the client.

Quad-Panel Unit: Two Bi-Fold Doubles