These products for the  bread and butter of our offering and the foundation of our philosophy.  They are what form the basis of making high performance fenestration accessible to the broader market beyond high-end structures that mostly use metal or wood products.  We are proud to provide these products and hope that they become the bedrock of our business.

EuroClime offers uPVC windows and doors that are always reinforced with steel channels for increased strength, rigidity, and long-term durability. The use of unplasticized-polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) results in a large improvement over the traditional PVC because it is generally much more UV resistant which prevents the windows and doors from weakening and discoloring over time. In addition, all uPVC products can be chosen from a large color pallet from heat-bonded foils or custom-painted RAL/NCS colors to meet the most custom of requirements. EuroClime believes that our uPVC offering spans the spectrum of what is possible from a performance point of view. However, if a client has a specific need for a European uPVC profile that we do not carry, we are open to procuring it if it is available in the open European market.​

Our uPVC windows should generally be thought of in the following way to help direct clients find a particular model suited for their needs:  Basik 70: Exceeds Building Code ;  Effektiv 73:  High-Performance ;  Evokativ 82:  Passive for Most ;  Passiv 86: Deluxe Passiv ;  PassivUltra 85:  Ultra Passive Clad (cladded uPVC).

uPVC Windows