Fully PHI-certified passive house window system. Notice the un-utilized glazing width capability still available to utilize a quad-pane glazing unit.

Standard:  Triple-pane with 48mm (~1.7/8-inch) width (4/18/4/18/4) low-E panes filled with argon and performs at Ug=0.088.
Optional:  Quadruple-pane with 52mm (~2-inch) width (4/12/4/12/4/12/4) with Ug=0.070.

Roto NT hardware with anti-mishandling device lock (to prevent accidental fall-out of sashes) is standard.
     Options:   Two or three-step Adjustable Tilt, Additional Anti-burglar fittings, Handle Brake, Sash Turn

     Limiter, Tilt First System, Comfo Tilt&Slide System (for kitchen sink windows), Hidden Hinges, Passive

     Ventilation, MVS Magnetic System, and Remote manual or electric operation.

Maco Multi-Matic hardware and its options are also available, as well as others.

Hoppe Aluminum Handles are standard in white, brown, black, sliver, titanium, bronze, and gold, with brand name substitute handles such as Roto, Maco, Winkhaus, FKS, and others available upon request and upcharge.

Cladded frame seals are black as standard.

Sound Resistance:  >40dB depending on glazing configuration and wood type.

The entire pallet of stains and paints from Gori, Adler, Sikkens, as well as others are available, as well as oils and other wood treatments.

Aluminum Cladding colors:  Natural AL, White, Brown, Grey, Anthracite.  Various anodized and RAL painted colors are also available.

Rectangular, Triangular, Pentagonal, Octagonal, Segmental Arch, Full Circle, Semi-Circular Arch, Quarter-Circle, Semi-Circle, Trapezoid, other polygonal shapes by request.

Certain curved shapes are NOT available depending on the degree curvature.


​The "Passiv" cladding system only comes in the base Thermal Classic style, and actually requires modifying the wood profile to add a layer of insulative material to the outside of the frame and sash profiles.  With this Passiv cladding system, it is possible to utilize a quad-pane glazing unit to put thermal performance over the top!  The Passive cladding system is certified by the Passiv Haus Institut of Germany.

The Ultimat-Wood 95 is the best wood Tilt&Turn window profile system in our standard offering.  It is a system with a depth approaching 100mm, making it wide enough to handle the thickest of triple-pane glazing units that allows it to greatly exceed most passive house implementations--it even comes optionally with quad-pane glazing! It comes only in the aluminum cladded Thermal Classic style with various options for small modification of the profile such as shorter profile height and sill cutouts.  Being so deep, it can handle up to a 56mm-wide triple-pane glazing unit.  Its (3+1)-layer cross-grain wood construction ensures rigidity and constancy of shape, while providing an astounding Uf-value of 0.137, with pine, spruce, or larch wood varieties. This means that that it has one of the best thermal performance characteristics for products in its class. The window system is suited for those who have to have the best in a traditional wood clad window system. 

Ultimat-Wood 95