Fresz-Air Unit with two apparent seals.

Basic Sealed Unit with one apparent seal.


•  high-quality carpentry from 3-layer cross-laminated continuous pine wood, with 3-layer impregnation and lacquering (no staining), 
•  energy-saving 24mm (~1-inch) thick glass Integrate Glazing Unit with a low-e coating and filled with argon gas,
•  perimeter sealing system and the wide glass coverage protects the skylight from humidity build-up,
•  three-stage handle with locking mechanism enables the window to be opened slightly for ventilation while remaining secured.
•  unit rotation of near 180° allows for full ventilation control and easy cleaning,

•  blocking pin set at 20° from the mounting plane allows for stable positioning while ventilating,

•  flush fit system increases the energy efficiency and aesthetics of the roof,
•  innovative snap-bolt system allows for quick and easy assembly and installation, 
•  brown painted (only choice) aluminium cladding coated with a clear polyester film is protects the unit from harsh weather.

EuroClime is proud to offer a very affordable line of high-quality European wood-clad skylights from a recognized producer.  The default wood is continuous pine formed up in three cross-laminated layers.  At this time, only rectangular stock sizes are available, but we are planning to offer custom sizing in the near future.  The two models do not really differ in appearance, but rather function.  One is a standard fully-sealed unit while the other model has the Fresz-Air passive ventilation system that allows for fresh air exchange without having to open the skylight.  Both models are available only in a double-pane glass configuration (4/16Ar/4) in either standard glass or tempered glass. 


EuroClime wants to be part of the skylight revolution that is quickly gaining believers who have found skylights a great way to bring sunlight and heat into fully finished spaces that formerly were reserved for attics. Unfortunately, the selection of high-quality skylights is limited to domestic units of inferior design and function, or really nice European units, that are generally too expensive. At this time, we want to offer a basic but well-built and functional wood-clad rectangular flat-plane skylight.  In other words, a no frills unit of good quality that will last for many years. The unit will be either center-pivot or top-pivot one, that is now also available as a fixed unit that can be horizontally mounted. There will only be a few fixed sizes though these should be able to fulfill mot of the needs of our clients. The future could see the selection expand to offer more complex units such as dual-plane skylight balcony skylights, top or bottom-pivot units, custom sizing, etc.



Technical Data:

Available sizes (in cm--2.54 cm to the inch):

Sealed (without Ventair passive ventilation):                                                      With Fresz-Air passive ventilation option:
55x78           66x98           78x98            94x1118           114x118                        78x98          94x118           114x118
55x98           66x118         78x118          94x140                                                    78x118        94x140
                                            78x140                                                                           78x140               

•  24mm IGU thermal transmitance factor Us=1,1 W/m²K (0.194 Btu/ft²F),
•  the skylight is designed to be fitted in roofs with pitch angles from 20°-90°,

•  flash kits available for most types of roofs, including the standard composite shingle system,

•   Fresz-Air system has three settings: full open, half open, and closed, as well as a replaceable filter,