Slim sash depth Spring-Loaded style Single-Hung.

Standard sash depth Spring-Loaded style Single-Hung.

Standard for Slim Frame variant:  Double-pane with 20mm (~25/32-inch) width (4/12/4) with low-E panes filled with argon and performs at Ug=0.229.
Standard for Standard Frame variant:  Double-pane with 24mm (~1-inch) width (4/16/4) with low-E panes filled with argon and performs at Ug=0.194.

English brands Mighton, Caldwell, or York are standard.
Other European and North American-branded hardware is also available upon request or self-supplied by the client.  We do not refurbish hardware so any that are self-supplied must first be restored.

Wet glazed wood windows have an option of clear, white, grey, brown, or black caulking.

Cladded frame seals are black as standard.
Acoustic Resistance:  ~30-36dB depending on glazing configuration and wood type.

The entire pallet of stains and paints from Gori, Adler, Sikkens, as well as others are available, as well as oils and other wood treatments.

Rectangular, Triangular, Pentagonal, Octagonal, Segmental Arch, Full Circle, Semi-Circular Arch, Quarter-Circle, Semi-Circle, Trapezoid, other polygonal shapes by request. Only some shapes can have operable sashes, with most non-rectangular shapes constrained to being Fixed windows.

As part of our Custom Requests function, EuroClime offers Single/Double-Hung windows in all wood only. The windows are available in the traditional Weight&Pulley style, or the more modern Spring-Loaded style. While the domestic offering of these type of windows is good and varied, we find that they are still not energy efficient enough for those seeking to have a window that should last the next 20-40+ years--it is their narrow-width double-pane glazing that is the main problem. Moreover, there are not many complete production models that can fill the role of true historical reproductions. We offer this historical reproduction service on a case-by-case basis.  To this end, we offer two depth variants that applies to both the Weight&Pulley and Spring-Loaded styles. One can be considered the Standard variant and has a 176mm deep frame, while the other one is the Slim variant and has a 142mm deep frame. As part of the the focus on traditionalism, we offered ornamental glass as a valuable option for these types of windows, except that this ornamental glass is part of a double-pane glazing unit.