Sizing Data:

Swing Type:

min. width: 600 mm
max. width: 1,100 mm
maximum height: 2,400 mm
maximum area: 2.65 m^2

Retracting Type:

min. width: 500 mm
max. width: 1,800 mm (H), 1,400 mm (V)
min. height: 400 mm
maximum height: 2,400 mm (H), 2,500 mm (V)
maximum area: 3.6 m^2 (H), 3.0 m^2 (V)

The basic aluminum bug clip-on screen comes in four different profiles as shown above, from the simple flat to the imitation molding model meant to be used with more historical wood window profiles.  The three basic colors are white, dark grey, and dark brown, with any RAL pallet color offered as an optional upcharge.  In addition, there are over twenty Renolit foils available, especially faux wood ones to be used with wood windows.  Some colors and other special features may not be available in all four profiles offered. This type of screen is not recommended for windows with drip moldings.

These screens are mounted with small aluminum bendable aluminum clips that grab onto the window frame with the lip of the screen profile overlapping onto the outside of the window frame by about 10 mm.  There are several sizes of aluminum clips to accommodate different window frame lip depth.


Sizing Data:

minimum width: 300 mm
maximum width: 2,000 mm
minimum height: 300 mm
maximum height: 2,000 mm
maximum area: 3.6 m^2

note: aluminium reinforcement is required if the width/height exceeds 1,400 mm.

Non-standard dimensions can be produced for two of the screen models--please inquire if needed.


Doors screens come in two styles:  The fairly standard swing type that typically mounts onto the door frame, and the cassette-held retracting type (hor. or vert.), which can mount into the door frame or the wall.  The cassette type screen can also be used for windows if there is room at the side of the window to mount it without visual interference into the glass viewing area. This depends in part on how wide the window is which determines how large the cassette has to be to hold the retracted screen. The available colors are the same as for the clip-on window bug screens.

Door Screens: Swing and Cassette

Clip-On Aluminum Mosquito Screens

While pest and mosquito screens are not very popular in Europe since they partially block incoming sunlight, they are considered standard equipment in North America for almost all windows, and some doors.  Older style European units tended to be semi-permanent as with most North American units.  However, more modern screens are designed to either be seasonally removable or permanently mounted but retractable. EuroClime offers removable aluminum pest screens for our in-swing European windows but not for any of our out-swing units.  Swing and retractable units are offered for patio access doors and are mostly of the one-direction variety that retract into a semi-permanently mounted cassette set to the side of the door.  Certain custom wood units can be ordered but only under very special circumstances.