Glass Spacers:

We prefer to use the SwisSpacer brand of glazing spacers as we believe it to be one of the best in the world. We benefit from having easy access to SwisSpacer since they are in the Saint Gobain family of companies. SwisSpacer comes in aluminum, steel, and three thermal grades of special plastic in five standard colors that can meet the needs of most clients for aesthetics. There are also other colors available by special request. When the need arises, we also have access to the SuperSpacer grey elastomeric spacer system. This North American product has made a name for itself as likely to be the most energy efficient glazing spacer system in the world. We will also source other glazing spacer systems such as TGI for those that demand it.


















Obscure Glass:

We have 18 choices when it comes to obscure privacy glass with some being more obscure than others. In a triple-pane, the obscure pane is usually the middle one, while in a double-pane, it is the inside one. Obscure qualities can be combined with other features such as tempering to achieve the exact requirements of the glass.

Quadruple-Pane IGU

Triple-Pane IGU

Double-Pane IGU

 IGU construction:
  Float glass with typical Low-E coatings shown in red.
  Inter-pane space usually filled with Argon gas (Krypton available).
  Pane spacers available in aluminum, steel, or synthetic materials.
  All spacers have a moisture absorber and are never un-insulated.

  Spacers are bonded to the glass panes with an elastomer sealant.

  All IGUs are finished with a thick air-tight butyl-based sealant.

Besides just normal clear window glass, we offer all the options for Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, BioClean Glass, Tinted Glass (Blue, Brown, Grey, or Green), Sunblock Glass (for UV protection), Reflective Glass (One-Way sight), Sound-Attenuation Glass, Impact-Resistant Safety Glass, and even Bulletproof Glass (Plexiglass). Our preferred float glass technology supplier is Saint Gobain Glass of France, though we have access to all of the glass offerings from the other large European manufacturers including Guardian, Pilkington, Sanco, and even Glas Troesch of Switzerland. We are committed to being overly conservative in specifying glass for its intended use and longevity. Considering that glass is usually not the main cost component of a window or door, it is advisable to make sure that long-term glass breakage is minimized by making it moderately stronger than it has to be in Building Code regulations.

We offer various-width double, triple, and even quadruple-pane integrated glazing units (IGUs) with numerous choices of Thermal Resistance (Ug), Solar Hear Gain (SHGC), and Visible Light Transmittance (VLT), so that your windows and doors can be customized to your geographic location, solar orientation, and particular design situation. This is often necessary for optimal performance of the climate control system of the structure, especially that of a passive house. We typically use 4mm, 6mm, or 8mm very clear float glass that are thicker than their domestic equivalents--in fact, they are more comparable to commercial-grade domestic glass. The more sophisticated your need is for customized glazing, the more that we are happy to assist you in configuring your glazing needs from hundreds of choices.



Custom ornamental glass is somewhat of a lost art practice in North America, but it is alive and well in Europe as the demand for it still exists in the historic restoration world as well as the other side in the ultra-stylistic modern design world. Careful application of ornamental glass can give just that distinctive touch needed to create a signature effect.

Ornamental Glass:

We have access to extremely high quality ornamental glass:  colored, etched, photo-bonded, color-laminated, stained, etc. Since this is really an artform, it is impossible to show a selection with perhaps the exception of a shot of the exquisite showroom in Europe of our supplier partner. We encourage inquiry if you have a need for ornamental glass in conjunction with your window or door purchase, especially if it is for interior applications.