Close up of frame and sash cross-section. Notice the multiple chambering tying into the thermal break connector.​

Shown in the 70mm frame height variant with triple-pane conf. Uf=0.194.

Standard:  Triple-pane with 44mm (~1.3/4-inch) width (4/16/4/16/4) low-E panes filled with argon and performs at Ug=0.106.
Optional:  Upgraded Triple-pane with 48mm (~1.7/8-inch) width (4/18/4/18/4) with Ug=0.088. A Quad-pane with 52mm (~2-inch) width (4/12/4/12/4/12/4) with Ug=0.070 is available for select applications.

Roto NT hardware with anti-mishandling device lock (to prevent accidental fall-out of sashes) is standard.
     Options:   Two or three-step Adjustable Tilt, Additional Anti-burglar fittings, Handle Brake, Sash Turn

     Limiter, Tilt First System, Comfo Tilt&Slide System (for kitchen sink windows), Hidden Hinges, Passive

     Ventilation, MVS Magnetic System, and Remote manual or electric operation.

Sobinco and Fapim hardware and their options are also available, as well as others.

FKS Steel Handles are standard in white, black, brown, grey, and anthracite, as well as other RAL painted colors.  Brand name substitute handles such as Roto, Maco, Winkhaus, Sobinco, Fapim, and others available upon request and upcharge.

Frame seals are black as standard.

Sound Resistance:  ~40-46dB depending on glazing configuration.

Steel colors:  White, Black, Brown, Grey, Anthracite.  Various powder-coated and RAL painted colors are also available.  A Stainless Steel option is available in Clear Lacquered; powder-coated and RAL painted colors are also available.

Rectangular, Triangular, Pentagonal, Octagonal, Segmental Arch, Full Circle, Semi-Circular Arch, Quarter-Circle, Semi-Circle, Trapezoid, other polygonal shapes by request.

Certain curved shapes are NOT available depending on the degree curvature.

The Fantastik-ST 80 is our passive grade solution for an all-steel window system.  It has a moderate depth that can handle a wide triple-pane glazing unit to make almost all applications passive house grade. The multiple-chambered profile system has a modern square exterior shape and can handle up to a 52mm-wide glazing unit--this means that it can even theoretically handle a quad-pane glazing unit. As with our other steel profiles, there is an option to upgrade to a full stainless steel construction for a truly stunning appearance! The extremely wide thermal break connector made of fiberglass-reinforced polyurethane provides a very high level of thermal performance for an all-steel profile. This is a window system for those very few select clients who want a relatively slim-profile steel window but do not want to compromise thermal performance when compared to systems made from other typically warmer materials. Two profile heights are available at 50mm & 70mm in Fixed configuration. Even the higher-height 70mm version is lower than most uPVC, wood, and aluminum profiles readily available on the market. The 50mm version is suitable to replace windows in old industrial buildings and warehouses where the look of the original slim steel windows has to be closely matched but where the buildings need to be highly energy efficient in their new use, especially if it is residential use.

Fantastik-ST 80