Scandanavian Casement with Top-Hung hinges. One sash shows small partial opening position; the other shows almost full swing-around position for cleaning. No cladding but with aluminum drip rails.

English Flush Casement with exposed exterior hinges and thin muntins. No cladding.

English Stormproof Casement with interior hinges and thin muntins.

Standard:  Double-pane with 20mm (~25/32-inch) width (4/12/4) with low-E panes filled with argon and performs at Ug=0.229.
Optional:  Double-pane with 24mm (~1-inch) width (4/16/4) with low-E panes filled with argon and performs at Ug=0.194.

Maco internal hardware is standard.
Other European-branded hardware is also available upon request.

It is also possible to build these with standard exposed-hinged retro hardware, regardless of where it comes from, including North America.

Various European and English-branded handles are available.

It is very possible to supply your own, even true antique handles from salvaged windows.

Wet glazed wood windows have an option of clear, white, grey, brown, or black caulking.

Cladded frame seals are black as standard.
Acoustic Resistance:  ~30-35dB depending on glazing configuration and wood type.

The entire pallet of stains and paints from Gori, Adler, Sikkens, as well as others are available, as well as oils and other wood treatments.

Aluminum Cladding colors:  Natural AL, White, Brown, Grey, Anthracite.  Various anodized and RAL painted colors are also available.

Rectangular, Triangular, Pentagonal, Octagonal, Segmental Arch, Full Circle, Semi-Circular Arch, Quarter-Circle, Semi-Circle, Trapezoid, other polygonal shapes, and just about any amorphous curved shape by request.

​Not all shapes are available in aluminum cladding.


​Cladding only comes in four styles:  Classic, Arte, Antique, and Modern.

As part of our Custom Requests function, EuroClime offers Casement out-swing windows in wood and wood clad. These casements are offered in traditional English-style where the operation is by push-out handle--we don't offer the crank-spin systems popular from domestic producers.  In addition, the English-style profiles are offered in Stormproof and Flush variants. The Stormproof model has the sash closing over the frame on the exterior--this means that the closed sash protrudes from the frame. The Flush model has the sash closing in-plane with the frame so that the closed sash and frame are both on one flat plane.  Also offered is the Scandanavian-style flush casement, where the sash is able to be swung out past 90 degrees and back around until almost near 180 degrees. This ingenious design allows these particular out-swing casements to be cleaned from the inside unlike other casements. To compliment their traditional look, all of these casements are offered with antique-look hardware and optional muntins for that classic look.