PSK Tilt&Slide door in a partial-open Slide position. The operable sash is slightly elevated off the ground and is held by arms that come from the main frame.

PSK Tilt&Slide door in the Tilt position. Notice that this is identical to how a Tilt&Turn window operates.

Standard:  See each of the window models for details.

Optional:  See each of the window models for details.

Tempered or Laminated glazing is usually specified, as standard glass in inappropriate for large doors.

See each of the windows models for details.
Security: Non-locked with no outside handle (effectively locked when closed), Handle Lock with handles on both sides; and additional deadbolt locks if desired.

Handles are usually of the same make as the operating hardware and are available in the same colors as the window handles:  Roto, Winkhaus, Maco. and occasional substitute handles upon request and upcharge.

Configurations: Inside Handle Only, Handle-Slide Grip, Handle-Handle

See each of the windows models for details.
Optional variations may be available upon request.
Acoustic Resistance:  See each of the window models for details.


See each of the window models for details.

AVAILABLE SHAPES and Configurations:
Shapes:  Rectangular Only

Configurations:  Two-panel with either one operable, Three-panel with the center one operable, Four-Panel with the inner ones operable, or Four-Panel with the outer ones operable.

The selection of PSK Tilt & Slide doors is available in every profile system of our uPVC, wood, and aluminum offering. However, it is NOT available in steel. These doors are designed for Patio, Terrace, and Deck access. They tilt just like Tilt&Turn windows, but they also slide open similar to a pure sliding door. The sliding action works by releasing the bottom hinge points of the operable sash (while the sash is tilted or closed) and allowing the entire sash to offset from the fixed sash so that it can slide. This design allows for ventilation without having to actually compromise the security of the door (if there is no external handle) or the view through it. These doors are appropriate for all types of buildings and come in a variety of hardware.

PSK Tilt & Slide Doors