Two more examples with aluminum panel inserts using glass. These designs are again a mix of modern and traditional.

All aluminum profile systems have the same catalog of aluminum panel inserts. Inquire for further dissemination of electronic catalogs.

An example of a stunning stainless steel full-lite door. While the cost directs it towards commercial use, it would also fit well into a well-designed residential building.

Two examples of aluminum doors with aluminum panel inserts using glass. One is traditional and one more avant-garde.

GLAZING (if any):
Standard:  Double-pane with 24mm (~1-inch) width (4/16/4) low-E tempered and/or laminated panes filled with argon and performs at Ug=0.194.

Optional:  Double-pane with 6mm panes (6/12/6) for added strength in large doors with full-lite or high area of glass insert. Some triple-panes can be accommodated depending on the profile and/or panel chosen.

Medos, GreenTEQ, FKS, and other high-quality hinge hardware sets are available. 
     Options:  Self-Closer, Handle Interlock, Electromagnetic Lock, Anti-Panic Bar or Lever, and others.

     Security: Triple-latch system with one deadbolt is standard; any additional deadbolts are optional.

Hoppe Aluminum Door Handles are standard in white, brown, black, sliver, titanium, bronze, and gold, with brand name substitute handles such as Roto, Maco, Winkhaus, FKS, and others available upon request and upcharge.

Configurations: Handle-Handle, Handle-Pull Handle/Bar, Knob-Knob, Knob-Handle

Frame seals are black as standard.
Acoustic Resistance:  36-40dB depending on the design chosen.


See each of the window models for details.


Aluminum: Natural AL, White, Brown, Grey, Anthracite.  Various anodized and RAL painted colors are also available.

Shapes: Rectangular, Segmental Arch, Semi-Circular Arch.

Configurations: Single, Single with Fixed Sidelight(s), Single with French-style Sidelight, Double with Mullion, French-style Double.

The selection of standard metal doors is usually limited to aluminum frames with full-lite glass or aluminum panels. However, we do offer steel framed doors in full-lite glass form, but not in panelized form such as for fire-rated doors. These types of metal doors offered are seldom seen in North America outside of commercial applications. The insert panel designs are independent of the door profile system so that any of the aluminum window profile systems can also be made into Entry doors with full-lite glass and aluminum panel inserts. Both of the steel window profile systems can only handle full-lite glass. Some aluminum inserts are solid and have no glass while others have varying degrees of glass coverage. The panels are insulated with rigid foam and have a standard value for Up of less than 0.300 which means that they have good thermal performance characteristics. These doors are appropriate for all types of buildings and come in a variety of hardware.

Metal Entry Doors