Standard:  Most Double-pane configurations.
Optional:  Some Triple-pane configurations.

Depends entirely on the particular project.

Typically German or other European hardware depending on the particular requirement.
Other European and North American-branded hardware is also available if needed.

Custom-made ironwork hinges and handles can also be sourced but matching hardware must be available with these packages.

We would consider using self-supplied hardware for this type of window if necessary.

Almost all instances use black iron historical handles or reproductions of them. However, other handles can certainly be used depending on the application. 

Client-supplied original hardware is the best choice if it is in working condition.

Configurations: Handle-Handle Only

Wet glazed wood doors have an option of clear, white, grey, brown, or black caulking.

Acoustic Resistance:  Fully dependent of the design chosen.

The entire pallet of stains and paints from Gori, Adler, Sikkens, as well as others are available, as well as oils and other wood treatments.

Just about any shape that was previously made and can be conveyed with pictures and drawings can be made.

As part of our Custom Requests function, EuroClime offers the ability for a client to obtain fully custom wood historical reproductions such as replica palace, mansion, lodge, and church entrance or interior all-wood doors. These projects are accepted on a case-by-case basis and are often long-lead time efforts with a lot of coordination, and ultimately fairly expensive. EuroClime, through Geisler European Windows, has access to some of the best woodworking firms in Europe that still specialize in this type of work. While this type of service is available domestically, and should be contracted as close to the project location as possible, there are times that where the unique requirements of the project cannot be produced locally or regionally for the specifications or price required by the clients. It is in these instances that EuroClime feels like we can be of service to the community by being able to offer highly-crafted wood doors that combine the authentic aspects of historical units with the elements of modern highly energy efficient construction. We look forward to tackling these projects.

Historical Reproduction



Classical European historical reproduction door with antique ironwork hinges and hardware.

Highly custom European historical reproduction door but with modern hardware and insulation. Notice the hardcarved paneling.