A steel Out-swing 3+2 configuration with a fixed mullion separator. Notice the really high height and wide width of the panels.

Unclad all-wood Harmonica Bi-Fold door in an In-swing 2-1 configuration showing a partially open position.

GLAZING (if any):
Standard:  See each of the window models for details.

Optional:  See each of the window models for details.

Tempered or Laminated glazing is usually specified, as standard glass in inappropriate for large doors.

While most of the major European hardware makers have models for this, there are some others such as Brio from Australia that offer very robust hardware sets.
Security: Almost every configuration only has one locking mechanism at the point or points of closure.

Handles are usually of the same make as the operating hardware and are available in the same colors as the window handles:  Roto, Winkhaus, Maco. and occasional substitute handles upon request and upcharge.

Configurations: Inside Handle Only and Handle-on-both-sides (the most common and recommended)

See each of the windows models for details.
Optional variations may be available upon request.
Acoustic Resistance:  See each of the window models for details.


See each of the window models for details.

Shapes:  Rectangular Only

Configurations:  Two-panel fold-only, Two-panel with one independent sash, Three-panel fold-only, Three-panel with one independent sash attached to the three-panel bi-fold, Three-panel with one independent sash on the other side (of the two-panel bi-fold), Four-Panel in a 4-0, 3-1, or 2-2 configuration, Five-Panel in a 5-0, 4-1, and 3-2 configuration, Six-Panel in a 6-0, 5-1, 4-2, and 3-3 configuration, and so on up to an eight-panel unit with a maximum width of eight meters (about 25 feet).

The selection of Harmonica Bi-Fold doors is available in every profile system of our wood, aluminum, and steel offering, EXCEPT for the steel lnnovativ-ST 60. Even though they exist, we have decided not to offer any uPVC versions of these doors. These doors are designed for unblocked full-opening Patio, Terrace, and Deck access. While they have made a name for themselves in very exclusive high-end luxury applications, we believe that some of our offering is attainable for well-built middle-class homes. There are various configuration options where there can be single operable sashes that function as a single operable door. In addition, there are now fairly equal options for both inside or outside-stacking variants.

Harmonica Bi-Fold Doors 

An aluminum Out-swing 3-3 configuration.