Example of a beautiful Dutch Split-Entry door with decorativ glass.

Standard:  Double-pane with 24mm (~1-inch) width (4/16/4) low-E tempered and/or laminated panes filled with argon and performs at Ug=0.194.
Optional:  Double-pane with 6mm panes (6/12/6) for added strength in large doors with full-lite or high area of glass insert. Some triple-panes can be accommodated depending on the particular design.

Special European brands with some from the Netherlands. Exact hardware depends on the application and the client preference during the specifying process.
North American hardware may be accepted for use on a case-by-case basis.

Hoppe Aluminum Handles are standard in white, brown, black, sliver, titanium, bronze, and gold, with brand name substitute handles such as Roto, Maco, Winkhaus, FKS, and others available upon request and upcharge. However, more stylized antique or period reproduction handles are suggested.
Configurations: Handle-Handle Only


Wood doors have an option of white, grey, light brown, dark brown, or black caulking for the perimeter seals.
Wet glazed wood windows have an option of clear, white, grey, brown, or black caulking for any glazing.
Acoustic Resistance:  30-40dB depending on the design chosen. The split design slightly degrades sound resistance compared to a non-split design.

The entire pallet of stains and paints from Gori, Adler, Sikkens, as well as others are available, as well as oils and other wood treatments.

(Aluminum cladding is not available.)

Rectangular, Segmental Arch, Semi-Circular Arch, with the possibility for other shapes.

As part of our Custom Requests function, EuroClime offers Dutch Split-Entry doors in an all-wood-only configuration. These doors are available in limitless designs but are only for those very few that still want a special connection to the past. While this type of door is still offered domestically, we find that the domestic units are still not energy efficient enough for those seeking to have a door that should last indefinitely. So, even though the appearance of our split-entry doors may look antique, their construction with the latest elements of thermal insulation and gap sealing gives them a modern relevance. These doors can be of an entirely new design or a historical reproduction of an existing door. We offer this historical reproduction service on a case-by-case basis only. Typically these doors are base off of the 68mm or 78mm profile but the 88mm can be used as well. As with all of our custom doors, the use of decorative glass and custom metal work is available and encouraged for these one-of-a-kind doors.


Split Entry Doors

Example of an antique split-entry door with custom ironwork. In general, custom ironwork is possible for all window and door applications.

Example of a historical reproduction split-entry door with segmental arch and glass with custom muntins.