Example of an American slider system with the Three-panel with outer operable panels configuration.

Stylized cut-out view of the American slider showing a see-through schematic of the roller mechanism.

Cross-sectional view of the American Slider system in a double-paned configuration. Notice the elevated rails.  

Standard:  Double-pane with 24mm (~1-inch) width (4/16/4) with low-E panes filled with argon and performs at Ug=0.194.
Optional:  Triple-pane with 36mm (~1.3/8-inch) width (4/12/4/12/4) low-E panes filled with argon and performs at Ug=0.141.

Not only does this sliding door only come in uPVC, it also only comes with Roto hardware.
Security: Twist deadbold lock is standard.

Handles can come from a variety of producers as the handle mount is universal, but the default handle is Roto to match the operating hardware.

Configurations: Handle-Handle only.

Grey welded seals for all white or off-white windows.
Grey welded seals for with a white/off-white interior and colored exterior.
Black welded seals for bi-colored windows (non white/off-white).
Optional variations may be available upon request.
Acoustic Resistance:  42dB with 36mm triple-pane configuration.


White, Parchment White, Cream, Basalt Grey, Silver Grey, Anthracite Grey, Chocolate Brown, various other faux wood colors, and other colors by request.

AVAILABLE SHAPES and Configurations:
Shapes:  Rectangular Only

Configurations:  Two-panel with either one operable (but not both), Three-panel with the center one operable, Three-panel with the outer panels operable, Four-Panel with the inner ones operable, or Four-Panel with the outer ones operable.

The selection of sliding-type doors from Europe is generally limited to the relatively expensive PSK system and really expensive HST system. While both of these tried and trued systems are great and function flawlessly, there is a need for a simpler, more economical sliding door system for the North American market. With this goal, EuroClime has found a European system that is a slide-only design similar to that of the typical American slider, and with a Ud-value of around 0.250. For this slider system, the sliding rails are elevated off the ground to avoid dust and dirt accumulation, as well as having circular rollers instead of the rail and groove American standard that tends to bind with age. These doors are designed for Patio, Terrace, and Deck access. 

"​American" Slider