Bi-Fold Harmonica

HST Lift&Slide

A) 2 panels - FIX+Slide, slides either direction
B) 3 panels - FIX+Slide+FIX, slides either direction
C) 3 panels - Slide+FIX+Slide, either slides inwards
D) 4 panels- FIX+Slide+Slide+FIX, both slides outwards

PSK Tilt&Slide

The PSK Tilt&Slide and HST Lift&Slide configurations shown below are generally available for selective uPVCall-aluminum, all-steel, and all-wood & wood-clad door profile systems. In addition, the Bi-Fold configurations shown are available for those profiles that can be made in Bi-Fold form. Other configuration may also be possible.  As with windows, mullions and muntins (in internal form or external form (to the glazing packet) for most types of doors are available in just about any pattern with set muntin widths in the internal form; set muntin widths in the external form for uPVC, all-aluminum, all-steel, and wood- clad; and in fully custom widths for all-wood doors. There is even an option for removable muntin assemblies in all-wood--this allows for the homeowner to have a classic look when wanted, or a modern look when wanted.