29 April 2018 : EuroClime window&door products were found on more showcased projects at the 2018 Northwest Green Home Tour than any other competitor's products.  See the projects here at:


18  April 2017:  EuroClime has just delivered its first and modest batch of high-performance windows and doors to two Seattle-based homeless shelter builders.  We are committed to providing these units on a no-profit or gratis basis.  Please contact us for more information, especially if you have a similar project in mind.

31 May 2016:  EuroClime is proud to have been a major contributor to Dwell Development's Emerald Star home in Ballard (Seattle, WA).  This project won the Built Green Project of the year for 2015 and has set the new standard for the Built Green program.  

08 August 2017:  EuroClime just finished its second trade show in as many weeks at the NAPHN 17 Annual Conference in Oakland, CA.  Combined with the PHIUS 2017 Annual Conference a week earlier in Seattle, WA, this represents our efforts at getting the brand more well known on the West Coast and beyond.

31  September 2016:  EuroClime is proud to be a sponsor of the Northwest Eco Building Guild's 2016 Conference and Green Building Slam.  Please join us for the fun and insightful events on 4-5 November 2016 at the University of Washington's Kane Hall.

22 November 2017:  EuroClime is proud to have also been the supplier for the windows&doors for the second to-date Built Green Emerald Star certified house along with the first Emerald Star certified house.  We're batting two-for-two in this endeavor and welcome the chance at a third.  If you are a builder, consider it!

31  August 2016:  EuroClime has now expanded its sales area to the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, parts of western Montana, and parts of northern California.  We will consider other parts of the United States on a case-by-case basis.  Please feel free to inquire.