Quadrat FB





Wood-Aluminum Hybrid Profile Cladding - Aluron Gemini System (for Tilt Only, Turn Only, and Tilt&Turn)

This style of cladding is a great combination of classism and modernism with its clean lines that are just slightly slanted away from pure modern. Notice that the cladding on the sash is external to the full wood profile, so that it is the wood profile that holds the glazing packet and not the cladding. It comes in a variety of colors and it's possible to mix and match colors between the frame cladding and the sash cladding to create a unique color effect seldom seen. Also, in this sample, there is an external sill cutout--the cladding can be adjusted upwards for in order to accomodate the sill. 

Full Wood Profile Cladding - Gutmann CORA (for In-swing and some Out-swing window/door systems)

Aluminum cladding is available in our uPVC products in the Evokativ82 , Passiv 86, and PassivUltra 85 profiles  Each profile only comes in one style of cladding. The Evokativ 82 cladding can be seen on its product webpage; the cladding for the other two profiles simple follow their uncladded contou with a very narrow gap.  Cladding for our wood window and door systems comes in either the full wood profile cladding, or the more popular wood-aluminum hybrid profile cladding where the outside of the glazing packet is held by the aluminum cladding itself instead of the wood profile.  The full wood profile cladding only comes in one style called Cora and comes from the German company Gutmann.  The wood-aluminum hybrid profile cladding comes in nine styles called Classic, ThermoClassic, Softline, Retro, Linear, Quadrat, Quadrat FB, Integral, and Passiv. There are other styles available for the non-Tilt&Turn systems as well, such as the Aluron Nordic (3 variants).


This style of cladding comes in three variants with two being very modern, and one being more classic due to its slightly slanted exterior glass stop. Notice that this is a wood-aluminum hybrid profile design with the aluminum cladding holding  the glazing packet on the exterior. The difference in this style of window & cladding from the standard European In-swing Tilt&Turn is that the glass is removed/changed from the exterior instead of the interior. It comes in a variety of colors and it's possible to mix and match colors between the frame cladding and the sash cladding (though this is rarely done). Typically, in these Nordic designs, there are no external sill cutouts--the window depth is usually very deep (>100mm) and the window is either set at the outside edge of the exterior wall or on a sill. 

Wood-Aluminum Hybrid Profile Cladding - Aluron Nordic System (for Scandanavian Out-swing casements)