​​​​​These products are not for everyone, but for those who want an ultra-modern or commercial look, there really isn't much choice, especially if curtain walls are needed.  Their strength and beauty are no longer compromised by their relative "coldness". With the addition of steel windows and doors to our offering, there also is now a level of customization that could not be achieved before with just aluminum products.  Pricing is similar to that of wood products so these products are still relatively affordable.  If a certain brand of product is a must-have that we do not carry, we are willing to custom procure it for you.

EuroClime is especially proud to be able to offer a large array of metal profile windows and doors that are highly thermally efficient enough to meet most of the domestic Building Code requirements of North America with some even meeting passive house requirements...and at a reasonable price. Our standard offer of aluminum products are ultra-modern and comes from several different aluminum extruders from Germany, Belgium, and Poland. Our new steel window and door offerings from Switzerland and Italy are highly attractive because of their relatively lower profile height compared to most European products. The frame profile shape is more in line with what domestic designers are used to, but unlike the cold domestic products, these steel profiles are relatively warm and would add a highly distinct feature to a well-designed modern residential or light-commercial building. They are available in treated steel, COR-TEN, or stainless steel.

​Our Metal windows in both aluminum (AL) and steel (ST) should generally be thought of in the following way to help direct our clients to a particular model suited for their needs: Expressiv-AL 70:  Exceeds Building Code ; Impressiv-AL 75:  Near Passive or At Passive ;  Provocativ-AL 80: Passive for Most ; Insulativ-AL 90: Beyond Passive ;  Maximal-AL 112:  Deluxe Passive.

Aluminum Windows